Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Logwoods

These skeins are the most challenging of them all so far to get an accurate color representation, however, here they are. The first picture is of Logwood purple. The dark intense purple is sort of my fault. I pushed the DOS percentages up a bit to try to get a better contrast in shades. It didn't work. You can tell the shades apart in person but they pretty much look the same in the picture. Logwood purple goes a long way. Unfortunately, Logwood purple is not one of the lightfast dyes. It will be interesting to see how much it fades.

Logwood grey is Logwood purple with iron added to it. The lighter skeins are dyed with Logwood grey. The color is more of a lavender with a grey undertone than a grey or true purple. It is a lovely color. The iron gives it a bit more lightfastness. I didn't use an iron afterbath with the Log. grey. I had the Log. purple ready to take a picture of yesterday but my camera was being temperamental and I wasn't able to take a picture so I didn't post.
I have yarns mordanting to attempt the Cochineal extract one more time using distilled water. I am getting near the end of the Single color category. I am ready to move on! -Renee

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dana said...

I love logwood grey! I have some silk yarn dyed with log grey and it looks like silver. I am curious to see if your purply log grey yarn will mature into a true grey in a few days. I also have a pair of cotton socks dyed with log purple that started out deeply purple and are now lavendery grey. Log purple disappoints.