Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Cochineal Experiment

I used the leftover Cochineal dyebath to dye some fleece. I mordanted the fleece rather hastily. I usually like to let the fiber soak in the mordant after cooking overnight. I only waited about a half an hour after the mordant bath was finished to pop the fleece into the Cochineal. I put the fleece in mesh bags first. I didn't get that much felting as I was careful about temperature changes and I didn't agitate the bags, just gently rolled them over. The fleece dyed lighter than I had hoped. It is a light mauve/lavender color, again, my least favorite color. I am thinking that I will go ahead and card and spin it up and then have fun with some overdyeing. I spent today mordanting yarn for an alternate Madder dyebath and skeining and washing the next batch to be mordanted tomorrow. Tomorrow I plan to dye with Madder on skeins that have been mordanted in alum. acetate instead of the alum sulfate I have been using. The other dyebaths will be mordanted with alum sulfate and cream of tartar to push the red colors in different directions. Tomorrow is the 4th of July so I will not be posting as we will be celebrating with friends. Happy 4th! -Renee


Leigh said...

I'm just surfing WeaveRing and got to your blog and said "WOW" what lovely colors! Well done. I like your glossary on your sidebar too.

Renee said...

Thanks for stopping by Leigh! I appreciate the comment. -Renee