Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Balls, Buttons, and Bounty

I couldn't resist posting the juggling balls my husband crocheted for me. I have taken up learning to juggle for my own amusement. It also enhances creativity believe it or not. It is nice to take a juggling break now and then.
There is a little town down the coast from where we are staying called Manzanita. It is not quite as tourist clogged as Cannon Beach. There is a lovely cafe where we like to sip hemp milk mochas. They sell all kinds of interesting bumperstickers, magazines, and of course, buttons. I couldn't resist these two.

We have a wonderful farmer's market that meets just a short five minute walk from our RV. I have been enjoying the local bounty. I picked up all this yummy stuff this afternoon and am off to cook us up some dinner.
We have been enjoying long walks on the beach and poking around. Not much time for weaving these summer days but I hope to get another project on my loom before I start school...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beach Idyll

I see from my blog list that so many of you have been busy weaving and dyeing this summer. Alas I have not! It has been a while since I posted mainly because I have been enjoying the coast and exploring many other things besides fiber.
We spent a month near Astoria, Oregon. It is an interesting town. The people who live there must be very hardy. The elements get pretty rough there, particularly in the winter. They have a wonderful maritime museum that I would highly recommend to anyone visiting the area. Then, there is the whole Lewis and Clark saga since they ended their epic trek on the coast there. I could probably make several posts about the rich history of the area.
We have relocated back to Cannon Beach. This morning while walking on the beach I came across this gentleman creating a labyrinth in the sand. It has been wonderful to rest and explore and get set for our next adventure.
Next month we do our final relocation down to Ashland where I have new fiber friends to meet. I will have a month before I start art school. I plan to start another blog dedicated to that journey. I expect my weaving blog will dwindle to a trickle but I hope to be able to keep my hand in. I certainly plan to incorporate fiber into my drawings. I will share those here too when they happen.
In the meantime, I am enjoying peeking at everyone's projects. They are wonderful to see and keep me going. Thanks! -Renee