Thursday, July 12, 2007

Back Home and Back to Work

We have returned home today, got Twill from the kennel and reassured the cat that we were still alive. I have a couple of pictures that I mentioned earlier that I took as inspiration sources. This is the Museum of Art building on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene. The build was one of many that are rich in detail. These pictures were taken around 7:00 pm so the light was interesting. One of the things I liked about this arch was the way it looked like many textured cords. I thought it would make an intriguing design detail.
I loved the ornate metal work of the doors. This is a small detail that features a squirrel in the center motif. Quite appropriate as there were many squirrels running around the campus and scampering among the oak trees.
I keep a folder of images I have taken with my digital camera for inspiration. Occasionally I like to put the images on slideshow and just let it run randomly. Depending on my mood or what I am looking for, different things pop out at different times. Between the digital images, magazine clippings, post cards, and my own design journals it is pretty hard to run out of ideas.
The change of scenery was nice although a bit exhausting. It is good to be back home. This weekend is the Highland Games in Mt. Vernon. I will be participating in the spinning and enjoying the wild energy that the Games always have. Come Monday though it is back to the dye kitchen!
What journeys have you taken lately? Have they been physical journeys or journeys of the mind? -Renee

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