Monday, August 27, 2007

Sumptuous Color

Sumptuous, sensuous, sustainable color. Those three "s" words are my new design motto. It is a plus that I get to use them here with the Quecitron and Madder color combination. The colors glow with a life all their own. I do believe this is one of my favorite dye batches. These skeins will be fun to pull out on a cold, grey winter day. I am planning to weave myself a meditation shawl. It is my birthday present to myself. My birthday was a few months ago but it is next in line to go on the loom. I have been waiting to see the results of some of the dyeing before making my final choice. The yarn is a silk/wool blend, undyed of course. I wanted a wrap that was warm and luscious. I would also like to experiment with woven shibori. I am thinking I will dye the yarns a lighter color over all and then overdye the darker using the shibori. I am also thinking of dyeing several sections in these colors, gathering the shibori threads, then overdyeing with Indigo. That will be a long process but it would be interesting to do.
I dyed three batches of dye today, the Quecitron and Madder, Madder and Fustic, and Cochineal and Fustic. Tomorrow I will mix two yellows, Quecitron and Fustic. I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of yellow I could get.
I have a question today, Do you have words, mottos, or phrases, that you use for inspiration? If so what are they and why? I have decided the three words I mentioned are ones I want my weaving and fiber art to strive for. In fact, it wouldn't hurt to shape my life to fit those words! -Renee

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dana said...

Oh. Wow. Golly. What amazing colors. It makes me want to run to the dyepot to try them myself. How did you work out the proportions after extracting the quercitron? Lovely, lovely.