Friday, August 24, 2007

Rest and Recreation

This isn't weaving, spinning, dyeing, or fiber related but is a picture of a mother bear and her cubs. We "met" her while hiking in Whistler, B.C.. It is a little closer than I like to get to bears but she didn't give us much of a choice! I have been off with my husband and dear friends taking a much needed break and vacation. It was wonderful to get out into the wilderness and hike, bike, and climb then come back to spend the evenings with friends and good food.
Now I am ready for the final push of dyeing. I have all of the remaining wool yarn to be dyed skeined and ready to process. I have the last half of the Color Mixes category and the Indigo category to go.
Summer is slipping by so it is time to hit the dyepots hard again. Tomorrow is a mordanting day and then the dyeing begins....Stay tuned! -Renee

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dana said...

Yikes! Mother and cubs sounds like a dangerous combination, but so neat to see up close. It sounds like you had a good vacation. I'm looking forward to more colors. I really liked your fustic and lac pinks, as I thought I would. Thanks for giving it a try.