Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fustic, Cochineal, Weld, and Quecitron

I have noticed that some colors I can photograph with ease with my digital camera and others like the colors in the next two pictures, just cannot seem to be captured properly. The picture on the right is Fustic and Cochineal. I don't really like the combination. The two dyes seem to fight one another. It could be something I am doing incorrectly though.
The skeins on the left are the Weld and Quecitron mixture. I wish I could capture the beautiful glowing yellows with the camera. They look quite anemic here. I might just have to try to take the pictures again.
I really like the Quecitron/Weld mixture. The yellow/green of the Weld and the golden yellow of the Quecitron blend into a lovely vibrant butter yellow.
The next few dyepots are various combinations using Logwood Grey. Logwood Grey and Fustic make lovely olive greens. Pictures will be coming soon. -Renee

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