Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fustic and Madder

This picture was taken in direct sunlight so the colors are a bit bright. Fustic and Madder is very close to Quecitron and Madder. I like the Quecitron mixture better but I think I could come pretty close to it with Fustic with a few adjustments. Fustic is less expensive and easier to come by than Quecitron. Both are more golden yellows as compared to Weld which produces a more greeny yellow.
Today I mixed Quecitron with Weld flowers to see what kind of yellow I would get. I should have the results soon. I have Cochineal and Fustic drying and will post it tomorrow. I got another batch of skeins mordanted today as well. I am excited because I have three more batches of 36 skeins to mordant and dye and then all the yarn will have been dyed and the Color Mix category will be done. From there I will move to the final and most challenging category, Indigo. It will also be the most fun and interesting to me. I have already figured out a method to keep track of all the dyed skeins that will be dipped in indigo. I will reveal the method when the time comes. It is simple and that is usually the best. More dyeing tomorrow. -Renee

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