Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Seeing Purple

This is me after looking into the dyepot 10 minutes into the first batch of the second round of Cochineal extract. Ok, so it isn't really me but a copy of the Edvard Munch painting titled "The Scream" but I think you get the picture. This time every bit of water that came in contact with the yarn was the ultra-filtered water. I even used a different pot in case the one I had used before was part of the problem. I still got PURPLE! Not the fuchsia I was supposed to get. Needless to say, I shut the Cochineal down and just wound more skeins of yarn and mordanted another batch. I will come back to Cochineal when I have thought it through a bit more. I didn't have any problem with the bugs, just the extract. I have moved on to Lac.
Lac is also from insects. It is a resinous substance secreted by bugs and is the "lac" in lacquer. I am using the extract today because the sticklac takes a bit more time to process. As it is, I still have to boil it with citric acid and then let steep for an hour before straining. It will take a bit longer than the other extracts to process.
I should get burgundy colors or rich blue based reds. We shall see!
Last night was the Skagit Weavers Guild and I will have a report and pictures on that meeting later. I will say, except for one teeny aspect, the meeting was wonderful and inspiring as the members revealed their creative challenges. The teeny aspect that wasn't as thrilling but an honor none-the-less was that when we had to vote for next year's officers without a president on the slate, I couldn't stand it. I opened my mouth and volunteered for the position. Our current president, who has more than done her duty to the guild, would have reluctantly continued but I just didn't think it really fair to her so I volunteered. I have held this position before so I know that the job goes smoothly as the guild has wonderful members and I know it will be a pleasure to serve.
I will report on the Guild challenges and the progress of the lac tomorrow.
Hoping to see red soon, -Renee

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dana said...

Oh no! Somewhere, somehow, you've got minerals. Could it be your pot? Michele found that some of the thinner stainless steel pots can leach enough to affect cochineal.