Saturday, June 2, 2007

Pomegranate and comments on Iron

Here is a picture of the Pomegranate dyed yarn starting with the light DOS* at the bottom and ending with the iron modified skeins at the top. As you can see, the colors are quite neutral. The iron turns the color a greyish green or moss color. Actually mine are more on the grey side. I believe I may have held them too long in the iron bath. When I use an iron modifier I like to apply it as an afterbath. I feel I have a bit more control over the modification. I think I will try the iron in a different place in the process just to see the difference. You can also use iron right after mordanting* but before the dyeing. When doing several small batches in differing DOS, it is easier to use the iron after the dyeing. I do not leave the skeins soaking in the iron bath for long. In fact I stand over the bath and swish the skeins for a few seconds until I see a color change. This time I think I let it go on too long forgetting that the color keeps changing until I can rinse the iron out of the skeins. Next time I will pull them out as soon as I see the process happening. As I said, it just takes a few seconds so I don't even let go of the skeins.
Speaking of yarn, I have finished spinning and plying the Twill fur/alpaca yarn! I will have a picture of it up tomorrow as well as my comments. It was a learning experience for me as always. I am cleaning out my studio again and have found a few books I forgot I had. What fun!
The medium Cochineal dyepot is simmering and the final dyepot will be done this afternoon. Time to get more skeins wound.
What are the ways you like to experiment when trying something new? Are you methodical? Do you follow wherever the process leads, or a bit of both? I believe I do a bit of both. I like to have a bit of structure to get started but I love the excitement and mystery of the process of "What if...". -Renee, who wanders down way too many paths at times.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Renee! I usually start as methodical....but it doesn't last long! As new paths present themselves I try to follow all of them! LOL! Thanks for the great writeup on the mudcloth at Seattle Guild! That was sure a fun program! Are we just supposed to scrape off the mud, or are we supposed to wash it? Heidi