Saturday, June 9, 2007

Fiesty Fustic

Here is what I got as the result of my crockpot dyeing experiment. First, let me explain what I did. I have crockpots purchased from thriftstores that I only use for dyeing. Into my biggest one, I put a little water, by a little I mean not quite covering the yarn, and then I put Cochineal at a dark DOS* based on WOF*. I wanted a base of Cochineal with areas of Fustic which is a yellow/gold. I was looking for the complimentary colors of purple and orangy yellow. Over the yarn immersed in the Cochineal I poured spots of Fustic (again at dark DOS) at random and turned the crockpot on. After checking it, I decided to add more cochineal spots so I did so. What I forgot to take into account is the fact that Cochineal strikes the yarn later than Fustic so the Fustic moved in and elbowed the Cochineal aside. I have a beautiful rosy-gold yarn with a spot or two of purple. Not quite what I wanted. I am thinking I will put in back in the crockpot with just the Cochineal to see if that will do anything. I may just leave it as is since I do find the color attractive. The picture is highly manipulated in Photoshop to try to get the best representation of what I am seeing with my eye. It is a richly colored yarn. I was pleased that the crockpot method worked so well in general. I will try it again sometime but will have to experiment with timing the addition of the dyes. So much fun and another path to explore after this project is finished!
Today I dyed with Quebracho Red. Q-red doesn't really excite me as far as colors go but it has it uses. Pictures tomorrow. I wound more skeins and am washing them in filtered water to try the cochineal again on Monday.
Have you done something today that honors yourself? Sometimes we are so busy tending to the ones we love, we forget ourselves! -Renee

*see glossary

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