Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Fustic is another yellow dye. While Weld is a yellow/green Fustic is a golden yellow, or yellow/orange. It definitely has more of a warmer tone and glows in the daylight. The iron modifies the color to a old gold or bronze. A couple of things I added to my notes. One is that the percentages need to have a greater spread as it is very hard to tell the light,medium, and dark shades apart. The other is that Fustic was one of the few extracts I have in liquid form. I found it very difficult to accurately measure out the small amount needed to dye with. I noted to use a syringe next time to control the liquid for weighing.
Today I dyed with the Quecitron. I really enjoyed the citrusy scent of the Quecitron. Weld was ghastly. It smelled like over-boiled Brussels sprouts! I have another pot of mordant going for tomorrow's dyeing. I am almost through the single colors. I am going to revisit some of the red dyes using the addition of Cream of Tartar before moving on to the Color Mixes category. I am looking forward to that although I will be in the Color Mixes category for quite some time.
Until the next post, -Renee

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