Sunday, June 10, 2007

Quebracho Red

The book says Quebracho Red dyes coral colors. Yes, the colors are indeed coral but what it doesn't mention is that the yarns glow with a lovely rosy color. I was surprised as this is not one of my favorite colors, not being a huge fan of pink. I think the yarn has a subtle beauty to it. The three skeins on the right are modified with iron to give a rosy tan/beige.
It is nice to know I can get this color if I need it. Q-red figures into a few of my color mixes so I am looking forward to seeing the effects of it. I have the Cochineal extract yarns all mordanted and ready to try again tomorrow. Tomorrow evening is also the final Skagit Guild meeting of the year. We will be presenting our guild challenge results and I will have a report, and perhaps a few pictures, on Tuesday. This coming week I will be revisting Cochineal Extract, moving on to Lac (sticklac), Lac (extract), and Madder (roots and extract). I love the reds and it will be a red dye week. Take a peek now and then to see the progress.
What has pleasantly surprised you lately? I was sure I wouldn't like Quebracho red. I am not raving over the color but I was surprised, as I mentioned, by the subtle beauty of the color I got. -Renee


dana said...

Nice quebracho colors! I always loved it as it was being applied, but felt disappointed in its tendancy to brown upon drying. Michele told me (the last time I was down at earthues) that quebracho would no longer be available because the supply has been terminated.

Renee said...

Ah yes, you are right Dana, I am using the Q-red from my own, older stash of Earthues dyes. I was told that it would no longer be available. I wanted to see it in action so to speak. I thought there was no point in hoarding it as it should be dyeing yarn rather than sitting in my jar.Thanks for reminding me so I could let people know.