Friday, February 8, 2008

February Krokbragd Study Meeting

It has been a bit busy around here and the weather and intermittent internet connection hasn’t helped a whole lot either. That said, I was able to get to another Krokbragd study group gathering. It was held at the same gracious house as the first one. The weavers have been busy! This is just a sampling of what was brought. I will have to do another posting of mainly pictures as I had a few wonderful ones to choose from.
The study group was a very pleasant get together. It started snowing but the snow didn’t stick so it mainly contributed to the atmosphere. We were snug and warm and cozy. The more experienced Krokgragd weavers shared a few tips and pointers, and all but me wove away on their looms. I was busy untangling wool rags that belonged to my grandmother for her use in braided rag rugs. I thought I would weave them into a rug using the Krokbragd weave structure. I have a bit of preparation to do but they are all untangled and washed at the moment. I need to determine how large to make the rugs and get the warp on my big loom. I am determined to have at least one done by the next meeting!
Working in a study group of this nature is wonderful. There is a communal sharing of information, experiences, and expertise. There is also the very enjoyable companionship of working with your weaver friends which is quite a treat since most of our weaving is done in solitude. I must confess to a dream here. I would love to start a weaving center where people could come together and weave like this. A bit challenging as it would require a large space, many looms and quite a bit of commitment. Very challenging but not impossible! I am putting it out there. One of these days…
On that note, I will leave this posting with another inspirational picture from the Krokbragd study group. -Renee

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