Sunday, February 17, 2008

Skagit Valley Weavers Guild Meeting

I am a little behind on my meeting report but here it is!
One of the wonderful aspects of all the weaving guilds I belong to is the talented and interesting members that make up the guilds. We had one such member give us a travelogue program for our February meeting. Nancy took a fiber tour that was lead by Anita Mayer. If you look at a couple of my recent posts you will find information about Anita. This particular fiber trip was to India and was for a month. Nancy gave us a fascinating account complete with pictures and a surprising amount of textiles that seem to endlessly come out of the small box she brought them in. This is a picture of a couple of the textiles. I also have a beautiful picture of Nancy wearing one of the lovely outfits she bought. I lost track of all of the places and adventures that Nancy told us of. There were a couple of fiber workshops that she and the others participated in while they were there too. I could have listened to Nancy's stories for a few more hours. The trip sounded quite adventurous and her pictures showed the beautiful people of India and the glorious colors and clothing of the country.
Personally, I love travelogues as I haven't had much opportunity to travel widely as of yet. Nancy's program was perfect for this time of year when we need warmth and color and a burst of inspiration. Well done Nancy and thank you! -Renee

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