Friday, February 8, 2008

I Brake for Bald Eagles-WWG meeting

Yesterday was a very long but rewarding day. I drove my wonderful commute to the Whidbey Weavers Guild meeting. If you all remember from previous postings, my “commute” involves driving across the scenic Skagit Valley, where the tulip festival will be held in a couple of months, then onto the north end of Whidbey Island over Deception Pass to Coupeville where the meetings are held in an old officer’s building next to the Puget Sound. The commute is one of the most beautiful drives and the view from there is spectacular, but I am getting ahead of myself!
What made this trip a bit challenging was I was driving our pickup truck with a 4’X6’ tapestry loom carefully wrapped and tied down in the back. I also had Twill, my dog, in the cab with me as I knew I would be gone most of the day. Oh, did I mention? The wind was probably blowing at 60 mph. This may even be an underestimate but I didn’t follow up on the weather. While driving across the Skagit Valley birds were struggling in the wind, some literally flying backwards. A bald eagle zoomed across my path about windshield height and yes, I had to put on my brakes to avoid hitting it! I could hear the eagle scree as it went flying by.
I snuck a quick peek at the water below as I was going over Deception Pass and shuddered. It was a wild churning of waves and cross currents. The tide was high and the water around here is extremely cold. Not a good day for boating. I made my usual stop at Deception Pass State Park to let the dog stretch her legs but the park was gated shut. We had to walk along the fringes while the trees swayed and bits of trees blew past me. It took a bit longer to get to the meeting but we made it. I walked the dog around before settling into the meeting and the wind blew her ears back flat against her head.
The Whidbey Weavers Guild Program featured none other than Anita Mayer, who is also a guild member. This time we got to see the garments she brought to show elegantly modeled by Fine, one of our guild members. I had heard much of what she discussed during our fieldtrip to her studio last month but, as always, I heard a few new things as well. Her presentations are always inspiring.
Speaking of inspiring, we had show and tell in the afternoon. I am always impressed with show and tell. I always come away with a renewed respect for the skills and talents of my fellow guild members. I took a few pictures but neglected to get permission to use them. I do not like to use pictures of weaving or people without their permission. I will post a picture or two when I have contacted the people.
In the meantime, the picture above is the view from the guild meeting area. I walked Twill to the water’s edge during lunch. There were bits of white foam from the waves blowing past me. Both Twill and I struggled to walk there and back. If she was a smaller dog, she would have gone kiting into the wind dragging me along behind!
The tapestry loom was placed into the guild storage while it awaits its new home. Twill and I usually stop at my favorite beach to walk before heading home but this time it was late and although the wind had finally blown itself out, the rain was hammering down. I had to brake once again for a bald eagle about the same spot as before so it might have even been the same one. We made it home safe but weary. I must also mention that my traveling story is quite tame compared to one of the guild members who arrived soaked from head to toe as the result of a wave sweeping through the cabin of the passenger ferry she was sailing on to get to the meeting. That is another story! Weavers and fiber artists are a dedicated and passionate group.
The next event on Whidbey that I will be attending will be in April for a spinning workshop with Judith MacKenzie McCuin and then the Whidbey Weavers Guild Spin-In. I will be reporting on these in April so be sure to check back in! In the meantime, check out the Whidbey Weavers Guild website listed in my Fiber links and I will be posting more later. -Renee

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dana said...

We really have had some wind lately, haven't we? I was surprised on that really wild day that we didn't lose power, because usually we do. I'm glad you and Twill made it to the guild meeting and home okay.