Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I am a weaver. There, I said it! When people ask me what I "do" this is how I respond. Many people smile and ask what kind of sweaters I knit, but many respond with wonderful stories about relatives, acquaintances, or even how they themselves weave, or spin, or create with fiber. It usually makes for a good ice breaker.
I have been weaving for about eight years or so. Like many beginning weavers and not-so-beginning weavers, I have dabbled in many areas of weaving both structure-wise and color-wise. I am only now starting to narrow my focus. I have become very interested in tapestry weaving and am taking the first steps in that life-long journey. Like any fiber artist, I have built up quite a yarn and fiber stash. My challenge to myself is to weave up all those odd cones of yarn I have acquired. I started in January and to date have woven off over 40 yards and about 20 pounds of yarn with more to go. More about my "Great Yarn Stash Challenge" later.
My biggest project at this time is thanks to the Whidbey Weavers Guild and the generous grant I received from the guild this spring. I will be experimenting with Earthues natural dye extracts and will be posting pictures and comments about the process in the coming days. The dye area is all set up, the dyes purchased, and I am just about ready to go. So please stay tuned and check in. I will leave with this question:
Do you have a focus in your fiber art? Please feel free to tell about it and how you got there.
Go weave! -Renee

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