Friday, May 11, 2007

Storyboarding: Part 2

I am just about finished with the storyboarding process. I must admit, I can only work on it so long before my eyes start to cross and the brain fogs up. To begin with, here is the list of dyes I will be using in the project:
Cochineal extract, Cochineal bugs, Madder extract, Madder roots, Lac extract, Lac sticklac,
Weld flowers, Weld extract, Quercitron, Indigo, Fustic, Logwood Purple, Logwood Grey, Pomegranate, Cutch, Osage Orange, Chestnut, Quebracho Red. Eighteen different dyestuffs in all.
For mordants I will be using alum sulfate, alum acetate, and alum plus cream of tartar. The modifiers I will be using will be iron and possibly soda ash, citric acid, and vinegar. Put all these together in the different permutations and throw in combining the dyes to achieve more colors and you can start to see why my eyes start to cross! Once I get through the basic colors, color mixing, color modifiers, and the indigo dyeing and overdyeing, I will pick some of the colors to do gradations and then a bit of yarn painting. As I work with each dyepot and post pictures of the skeins, I will include a bit of information about the dyestuff used. That takes me to copyright laws. Before posting all this information, I will be going over copyright laws and what I will need to do to adhere to them. Much of my information at this stage will be coming from the materials provided by Earthues and I want to make sure I give the proper credit not only by law, but out of respect as well. The bulk of the dyeing for this project will be done from now until the weather shuts me down sometime in the fall. For the WWG grant, I promised a notebook complete with samples, notes, and my research on the materials I will be using, for the guild library. I will be creating a notebook for myself as well of course. Most of the additional research will be done over the winter and I am thinking I will be posting a lot of it now and then in this blog for others who are interested in dyeing.
In the meantime, weaving is still happening. I am putting another warp on for my Great Yarn Stash Challenge but the next warp I want to put on will be a special one. More on that later!
I have Twill fur washed and ready to combine with some Alpaca fiber I found in my stash that is close to the same color as her fur.
Household projects are coming up, such as a new shower to replace the one I literally ripped out the other week, and in between, the joys of mountain biking, climbing, and lots of music...
Good thing the days are getting longer, I need the time, and the light.
Do you have any wonderful fiber art projects planned for the summer?

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