Monday, May 14, 2007

My Links

I am going to make two posts today. Before I get to the storyboarding I wanted quickly mention my links. In the Fiber Links section I have a few fiber-related links for you to check out. There are a couple of weaving organizations and then a few personal favorites. WeaveCast is a podcast published by Syne Mitchell. I first met Syne at the Seattle Weavers guild and we were both manning the till for the fall guild sale. I had a wonderful conversation with her. I doubt she remembers me as it has been a few years and the guild so big that I don't run into her often. She was a beginning weaver at the time and has become quite accomplished. What impressed me the most is that she is a published Science Fiction writer. Science Fiction is my favorite genre to read! Now she has podcasts on weaving. Check her out.
Another link is to a blog by my friend and mentor in dyeing, Dana. She has a graphic arts background and her pictures, observations, and dye projects are great to look at. She packs a lot of knowledge into her workshops.
The other link I just added today. It is to Robyn Spady's website. Robyn is a dynamic teacher and speaker and has a master level Certificate of Excellence (COE) from the Handweavers Guild of America. Add to all that the fact that she is a wonderful person to know and talk to.
Below the Fiber Links are my Personal Links. My husbands music website I have already mentioned. The other two have a lot of personal meaning to me and tie in with my weaving path. I will be talking about them another time. In the meantime, take a look!
Links have the great property of leading you to new adventures and thoughts.
Have you followed a series of links lately to new discoveries?

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