Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cutch Yarn Picture

Here is the picture of the finished Cutch dyed yarns. As you can see, there really is not much of a shade difference although you can tell which yarns are the dark DOS. The three skeins that look greyish are the iron modified ones. The color actually looks brownish grey. All the Cutch dyebath had hydrogen peroxide added during the last 15 minutes to darken the color. So, since I forgot to do skeins for the additional modifier I wanted to do and I would like to see if I could get more of a difference in the DOS, I decided to do Cutch again. This time I will not add hydrogen peroxide and I will step away from the dyeing book guidelines and make my DOS percentages more widely spread. This is what makes dyeing so fun! One note I would like to mention about my experience with natural dyes and with Earthues natural dye extracts is the richness of the colors, even the dull ones. I have also dyed with various chemical dyes and, in my opinion, they just don't have the same richness and character the natural dyes have. Well, tomorrow will not have a post but I will catch up on Tuesday.
Have you tried dyeing with natural dyes? -Renee


dana said...

Wow! What beautiful cutch! It doesn't have the reddish tones I usually get. I just love that carmel-y color. How much difference did the hydrogen peroxide make? I've never used it. Also, congratulations on the skein winder. You are one clever girl.

Renee said...

Thanks Dana, do you use cutch mostly on cotton or cellulose fibers? I am wondering if the soda ash has something to do with the redder tones.