Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Dream Skein Winder v. 1.2-Final

Here is is. The final version of the Dream Skein Winder in action. I now have a working, motorized, 6 skein-skein winder! I am ready to go into production mode now. This is the first prototype of course. I am neither highly skilled in construction nor an engineer so I am sure it is pretty crude, but I made it, and it works.
I used it to wind more skeins for another Cutch batch. Below is a picture of the motor which is on the left side of the winder in the back. I used a Louet spinning wheel driveband to connect it to the motor. So, one problem solved, several million to go....
I had a lot of fun building it!
What have you adapted or built to carry out your fiber tasks?-Renee

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