Monday, January 30, 2012

Road Block

Nope, not a flashy image, nor an image of lovely textiles in progress. The image above is a temporary weaving road block. Actually it is a texsolv tie-up cord for my loom. As you can see, they are wearing out and actually have been for some time. I do not have enough good tie-up cords to weave my current warp so, I put in an order for more texsolv cords and will have to wait until they arrive to continue.
When I got the loom warped and ready to throw the shuttle, I hadn't done the tie-up as it usually takes a few minutes and off I go. Looks like I posted a bit too soon on the actual shuttle launch time. : )
On a rather more interesting note, I recently read and article that showed a very interesting linen fabric used for painting canvas. It was woven in an undulating twill. Guess what my next warp will be?! I will see if I can find a picture of it and a reference link for the article for the next post.
Hopefully the tie-up cord will arrive fast so I can get on with the weaving. I am anxious to get this warp off the loom and try out the linen.
Until next post, -Renee

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