Sunday, January 22, 2012

"And Warp Well the Long Threads"

"And warp well the long threads,
The bright threads, the strong threads;
Woof well the cross threads,
      To make the colours shine." 
-from The Weaving of the Tartan by Alice Macdonell of Keppoch

This is just a snippet from a very serious poem published in 1894 by the above Scottish poet, but I really liked these particular lines. My current warp is all cream colored and certainly not a Tartan but the threading is done! I just have to wind some bobbins, take a deep breath and throw the first shuttle I have thrown in about 4 years. 
It felt good to thread the loom. My hands haven't forgotten a thing and my brain remembered how to double check and balance out the pattern. I am pleased. We shall see how things proceed. I have been very busy setting a lot of things up so that I can start selling my artwork as soon as I am ready, which will be very soon. I worked a little bit each day getting the loom threaded and am quite pleased I selected a fairly easy warp to put on. 
I didn't think a current picture would be too exciting so I will wait to post a picture of the weaving in progress until next week. Instead, I leave you with my sweet canine companion, Twill, who found a patch of winter sun to enjoy.  

Until next week, -Renee

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