Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Weaving New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year! My husband and I spent the holidays visiting my family in Honolulu, Hawaii. This is a picture of the beach on the Wai'anae coast of Oahu. If one never leaves Honolulu one would never know that Oahu does have beaches that can be empty of people. We were the only people on the beach, with the exception of the life guard, for about an hour on this day. The skies were cloudy and gray but it was balmy and the water was warm.
I have been thinking about the direction of my blog. I originally started it as a way for my fellow guild members to keep track of my progress on a guild grant. The grant work is finishing up and I have decided to continue the blog because I have been enjoying it so much. The focus this summer was pretty much on dyeing. I want the blog to have a bit more of a balance of weaving, spinning and other fiber arts. I would also like it to reflect my passion about women's causes and the environment in the context of the fiber arts.
My New Years Resolution? To become a better weaving blogger. I know this will take time and commitment at a time of tremendous change in my personal life and I am willing to commit to that. So, to the wonderful people who have read and followed along and even posted a comment or two, thank you. I hope you will continue to return! To those who are new to my blog, welcome. I hope you have a chance to look at the archives and my grant project.
One of my interests is eating organically grown foods. Not only for my and my family's health but for the environment too. I have been reading a couple of fun and interesting books on eating locally and, while I haven't gone to the extremes of the authors of these books, I have made a conscious effort to purchase more locally grown foods.
In addition to food, I have been thinking about locally and organically grown sources of fiber. I know we have a lot of alpaca farms around and one of my fellow guild members is a llama farmer. I am determined to look into this and will be posting my finds and resources. To add a bit of synchronicity to the mix, I recently got an e-mail from a fellow fiber artist in my area asking the same question!
So, the question I would like to put out there to readers in the Western Washington area: Do you have a local source for wool of any breed or animal? I would love to hear from you and will post the resources with full credit unless requested otherwise. In the meantime, I will do my own research. Here is to a new year and all the changes it will bring! -Renee

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dana said...

Good resolutions, Renee! I'm glad you are going to keep the blog going - you know I will be reading. Happy New Year!