Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Call for Local Fibers part 2

This is about as local as one can get. The fiber for this hand spun yarn was provided by my dog Twill (Lab mix and double coated as the breed tends to be) and the alpaca of a friend. I featured this yarn earlier this year, er... that is last year in my "Hair of the Dog" post. I am posting my call for local fibers again because I happened to pick up the current copy of Spin-Off magazine. For those of you who are not familiar with this wonderful publication, it is a magazine dedicated to spinning yarn. Knitters would find a lot to like about the magazine as well as many of the projects featuring hand spun yarn are knitted.
What is so special about this issue? There is an article entitled "Spinning Locally: Finding Local Sources for Sustainably produced Fiber." It can be found on page 80 of the Winter 2007 issue. The article is understandably general but states the point I would like to make nicely.
So, again, if you have a source for fiber in the Western Washington State area north of Seattle, please let me know. A post in the comment area would be most appreciated.
The link for Spin-Off magazine will be posted in my Fiber Links section. Spring is on the way and with it comes shearing season and fiber festivals so stay tuned! -Renee

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Renee said...

Dear Reader at Crescenet, I am afraid I had to delete your comment. I can read in Spanish and even though your thoughtful comment was in what looked like Portuguese I was able to decipher it. The reason I deleted the comment was that you provided links to your server not to your own sites.
Thanks for your kind words, -Renee