Friday, December 18, 2015

A Final Farewell to Phoenix

Yes, I know. You all have seen the struggle. Phoenix has been through a lot of ups and downs, literally. This final time of resurrecting her and giving it one more try was eye opening for me. I have to finally admit from the heart, this big loom really doesn't work in my life anymore.

I got about half way through putting a warp on her and the challenges began. In the past, I had no problem working through the challenges, but now things are different. At first I thought it was because it was summer. Summer means I am outdoors painting or gardening. The weaving guilds always took a break during the summer months as we were all so busy.

Fall came along with storm after storm. Perfect weaving weather but, it just wasn't meant to be at this time. It is also perfect weather to work in the art studio, catching my breath and honing my art skills.
Phoenix takes up so much room and I am always tripping over her or squeezing around her to get to my drawing table. Alas, she crowds my art making. I have come to a fork in the road where I have to make a choice, art or weaving. I do not have time to do both justice, only one. Art will always win out.

So, this is it. The final attempt to sell her. If I don't sell her, she will be re-purposed into studio furniture. In fact, I already have ideas in mind. While it may seem a shame to turn a rather expensive loom into furniture, it will still be used to further my creativity plus, have you seen the price of art studio furniture these days? I will be getting good quality handcrafted furniture for a decent price! There will also be bits and pieces that will be sold or given away separately.

I still have my 8H-Jane table loom. I am not through with weaving forever. I love it too much.

Here are the details complete with my lowest asking price yet.

For Sale!

AVL Modular Loom: 60 inches wide

$1,000.00 firm

Please note: This is not a dobby loom! It is a modular production loom that can be converted to a dobby loom with additional equipment from AVL.

Loom includes the following:
·      8 Harnesses
·      60” Single Box Flyshuttle Beater
·      Fly Shuttles and Pirns
·      60” 1 Yard Sectional Warp Beam
·      Tension Box for Sectional Warping
·      Track and Mounting System for Tension Box
·      2-60” Reeds, 15 and 12 dents/inch
·      Yarn, misc. accessories and more!

     The loom currently lives on the Northern Oregon Coast and would need to be picked up (Sorry, it isn’t feasible to ship). The loom is currently assembled and will be disassembled as needed for transportation. 

The loom could be delivered to the Portland Oregon area for an additional $500. 

If interested please contact me at rdelight_latorre (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Finally, the loom will be for sale until the end of December 2015. Not much notice I know but I really need to have the space back. 

Thank you all for your kind support of my journey over the years. It has continues to be a joy.

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