Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ongoing Fiber Sale

Hi again, I have a few updates. Some of the items have sold and I am adding a few more things. I will put the new stuff first. Before I get to that, I want to mention to those in the Ashland area that I am having a moving sale on July 10th and 11th from 9-5 at my house. I will have a lot of fiber, fiber magazines, yarns, a couple of looms (three including the AVL), and assorted tools in addition to general household items. I will post the sale sign on the blog this week as well as around town.
Now a couple of new items:
These are handwoven 100% alpaca scarves. I made a lot of them and these three are all I had left. Actually, they were the ones that weren't perfect but they are still lovely. There are two black and white ones and one dye painted one. The dyed one is a grey/blue/pinkish. The dyed one is 56" long and 7" wide with a 4" fringe. The black and white ones are 60" long and 7" wide with a 2" fringe. The price of each on is $12 which includes shipping by first class mail in the US. Outside US would be more.
I am putting clearance prices on everything as I really don't want to have to move all this stuff again! We cleaned out a lot as my weaving friends up north will remember but I still have way too much.
Here we have:
To wonderful imported Japanese books on handmade felt. The top picture is of the book fronts and the bottom is the back covers. Each book is 8 1/2 x 7 1/2 and about 78 pgs long. The text is in Japanese but there are step by step pictures for every wonderful project, which is one of the reasons I purchased them. The projects are unusual but not way out there. The pictures pretty much explain it all. I would say these are for intermediate felters. Each book cost about $20 (I paid sales tax too). I am selling both books at 2 for $20, so half price, plus shipping. These books are not easily found so that is a really good deal!
Ok, I still have the AVL loom for sale:
8-H, 60" wide, AVL modular production loom. I will have to sell this locally as shipping would be far to challenging in the time I have.
Here is a picture of it set up in our old house:
 It is currently dis-assembled and well wrapped. I will help reassemble the loom for one day and will be here to consult. So the price? $2500.00. It comes with 2-60" reeds (10 and 12 dpi), has a single box flyshuttle with flyshuttles, and other basic accessories. I have more pictures if interested.
 I also still have the drumcarder for sale:
A Strauch Petite with basic accessories and free wool fiber. The drumcarder 
is equipped with the #05 (128 psi) fine carding cloth on the large drum and their unique "Slicker-Licker" cloth on the small drum. Designed to handle ALL fibers.including Merino, Llama, Alpaca, Cashmere blend, dog hair and other exotics. Strauch now sells the drumcarder with the brush attachment for $460. This one is gently used and does not include a brush attachment (can be purchased from Strauch for $75). I am asking $225.00 plus shipping (UPS starts at $11.27 depending on where you live). I had the drumcarder packaged in a double box at the UPS store so it is secure.
I will take a personal check or can send a Paypal link.
Finally, I still have a bit of fiber left:
Above is Henry's Attic Carrerra Yarn. It is 51% silk 50% merino. There are 2 lbs with about 1/2 pound being in 1 oz plus skeins. The yarn is 2000ypp. $85.00 for the lot.
 Here is Henry's Attic Nantucket II. This bucle yarn is exquisite. It is 50% Mohair, 23% silk, 18% wool, and 5% nylon. 1 lb. $36.00
 Above is Henry's Attic Australian 54's wool roving. Smooth and lovely. I have 8 lbs of it and am selling it in 1 lb balls for $12.00/ lb.

So, I have gone through the bins in the studio room and have lots, including weaving books and magazines, for the moving sale here in town. Next room will be the spare bedroom which is really a storage room for us. That contains my AVL, a huge warping mill (not for sale at the moment), a 56" Hammet 2 harness tapestry rug loom which will be for sale next weekend, and a cute little metal table loom. Of course, there are plenty of bins to go through again. I think I have another bin of good wool and silk yarns in there too so keep checking back!

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Renee, At the moment I can't seem to find your email address anywhere - could you send it to me and any other contact information. I'll then post your sale info to the yahoo group for Southern Oregon Fiber Folks. Thanks, Cindie