Friday, March 8, 2013

A New Kind of Fiber Blog

Woven Shibori
As many of you know, marine painting has taken over my life. There is still room for fiber but not as a focus as it was in the past. I have a new blog that all things fiber will be posted on. That will be spinning, weaving, dyeing, sewing, etc.
You can find this blog at The Artful Stitch. I hope you all join me there as I start on a project to create a much needed and long overdue wardrobe for myself.
I am also starting an Etsy store which will be announced formally when I get a recent glitch fixed. The store will have a lot of supplies for a while as I am cleaning out and refocusing. There are also a few handwoven and handspun items such as the woven shibori above that will be for sale. I am even going to post a painting or two. Most of my marine paintings for sale can be found on my website R.L. Delight Fine Art.
The big AVL loom is still intact and still for sale. I will occasionally post announcements here but not much else. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed this blog. I am leaving it up as there is a lot of weaving and dyeing information. Please come visit The Artful Stitch blog!
Yours in Creativity,

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